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How to Learn React: A Five-Step Plan

For the past two+ years I've worked exclusively on React projects and I've had my own up-and-down learning experience with it. Over that time, I've developed some advice for how to learn React—the resources, the sequence and the important takeaways. What follows is a five-step plan for learning React. [continue]

Article by John Hannah

The Component Lifecycle.

Components help us deal with properties, state, events, and often are responsible for the well-being of other components as well. Keeping track of everything components do sometimes can be tough. To help with this, React provides us with something known as lifecycle methods. Lifecycle methods are (unsurprisingly) [continue]

Article by kirupa

7 Reasons why you should use React.

We evaluated all front-end frameworks before working on a major new version of our product, JotForm 4.0. After a series of Hack Weeks to kick tires of modern web front-end libraries, we concluded that React was the best fit for our needs. Here is 7 reasons why we decided go ahead with React. [continue]

Article by Kutlu Sahin

The Right Way to Test React Components

There's a lot of confusion right now about the 'right' way to test your React components. Should you write all your tests by hand, or only use snapshots, or some of both? Should you test props? State? Styles/Layout? I don't think there's one 'right' way, but I've found a few patterns and tips that work [continue]

Article by Stephen Scott

8 Key React Component Decision.

React was open-sourced in 2013. Since then, it has evolved. As you search the web, you'll stumble across old posts with dated approaches. So, here are eight key decisions your team needs to make when writing React components today. [continue]

Article by Cory House

How to write your first React.js component

The most important concept to understand in React.js is the component. A React component can be one of two types. It can be either a function component or a class component. Sometimes you will hear different terms to describe these two types, like stateless and stateful. Function components are also [continue]

Tutorial by Samer Buna

Tutorial: Intro To React

We're going to build an interactive tic-tac-toe game. We'll assume some familiarity with HTML and JavaScript, but you should be able to follow along even if you haven’t used them before. [continue]

Tutorial by Facebook React Team

How to handle forms with just React

If you ever had a feeling that working with forms in React was too much boilerplate or that maybe angular used to provide a superior experience or you just wish to know what might be the 'best way' to organize forms in react, then read on. [continue]

Article by Everdimension

Understanding React — Component life-cycle.

React provides developers with many methods or 'hooks' that are called during the life-cycle of an component, which allows us to update the UI and application state. Knowing when to use which of them is crucial to properly understanding how to work with React. [continue]

Article by Bartosz Szczeciński

React — Dynamic Component Names with JSX

Using components within other components is one of the most common things you will do working with React. What happens when you need a more elegant solution for conditionally rendering these though? This article will explain you how to choose dinamically the component that needs to be rendered. [continue]

Article by Scott Carmichael

A deep dive into children in React

When I first learned React, I thought 'Use props.children and that’s it. I know everything about children' Boy, was I wrong. Because we're working with JavaScript, we can change children. We can send special properties to them, decide if we want them to render or not and generally manipulate them to [continue]

Article by Max Stoiber

ello, React! – A Beginner's Setup Tutorial

This tutorial is merely intended to help walk you through the steps to getting a simple React example up and running. When you're ready to dive into actually learning the React framework, a great list of tutorials can be found here. There are a several build, transpiler, or bundling tools from which [continue]

Article by Derek Greer