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React performance tips. Make your React app fly!

React allows you to start building apps with ease, be it small and simple apps or big and complex apps. As applications evolve, it is only natural for requirements to do so as well and, in consequence, you will eventually need to boost some performance out of your app. In this article, we'll also look [continue]

Article by João Miguel Cunha

reset.css for styled-components

Library by Zac Anger

Learning Higher-Order Components in React by Building a Loading Screen

Tutorial by Peter Piekarczyk

Answers to common questions about render props

Article by Kent C. Dodds

How to build Chrome extensions with React and Parcel

In this tutorial, we will render our app directly in the content (with Content Scripts). I will show you to how to start writing a chrome extension using ReactJS and Parcel from scratch. [continue]

Tutorial by Atakan Goktepe

Optimizing React: Virtual DOM explained

Learn about React's Virtual DOM and use this knowledge to speed up your applications. In this thorough beginner-friendly introduction to framework's internals, we will demystify JSX, show you how React makes rendering decisions, explain how to find bottlenecks, and share some tips to avoid common mistakes. [continue]

Article by Alexey Ivanov

How Fast is React SSR? (Server-side Rendering with JavaScript Frameworks)

Server-side rendering can help improve performance, but you need to make sure you're doing it right. In this episode we'll set compare the page load of a regular and server-side rendered React app. We'll use the Chrome DevTools to get a good visualization of what's going on, but then switch to Webpagetest [continue]

Video by David East

An imperative guide to forms in React

In this tutorial, I will explain how React deals with forms and events. I'll also walk you through how to write code that helps to get input from the different form components and submit the data in a React application. Finally, I'll show how to use the Formik library to build all kinds of forms, from [continue]

Article by Yomi

How to Work with Forms in React

This article covers how to capture text input and input via other form elements like input, textarea, and option. Working with them is paramount to web development, because they allow our applications to receive data (e.g. text) and actions (e.g. clicks) from users. [continue]

Article by Azat Mardan

Client Side vs. Server Sider Rendering

In this video, Jason Rosso dives into the differences between client side and server side rendering, the processes of each, and cases in which one will may be beneficial over the other. Jason also discusses how both may be possible within the popular while using React, and an exciting new framework that [continue]

Video Talk by Jason Rosso

A Tinder Progressive Web App Performance Case Study

Tinder recently swiped right on the web. Their new responsive Progressive Web App — Tinder Online — is available to 100% of users on desktop and mobile, employing techniques for JavaScript performance optimization, Service Workers for network resilience and Push Notifications for chat engagement. Today [continue]

Article by Addy Osmani

Mastering the React Lifecycle Methods

React provides a slew of lifecycle methods that you can override and inject your own logic at the right place. In this tutorial you will learn about the lifecycle of a React component from cradle to grave, what methods are available at each stage, and when it is appropriate to override them. [continue]

Article by Gigi Sayfan