Getting started with React

The first step is always the most important step. Speaking of React, it's probably easier done than said and this topic is going to help you getting started with it on the right foot.

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Set Up a Typescript React Redux Project

This post provides a way to type your React Redux project with Typescript. [continue]

Tutorial by Nick Scialli

Complete React Tutorial for Beginners (2020)

Learning React is tough. It seems there's a lot to learn at once. You might even think that 'learning React' means that you have to also learn about Redux, Webpack, React Router, CSS in JS, and a pile of other stuff. This article is designed for total beginners to React, as well as folks who've tried [continue]

Tutorial by Dave Ceddia

How to use Sass and CSS Modules with create-react-app

With the release of create-react-app v2, the team at Facebook gave us the ability to use Sass and CSS Modules right out of the box, and in this tutorial you will learn how simple it is to include them in your projects using create-react-app. [continue]

Tutorial by Esau Silva

Upgrading a create-react-app project to a SSR + code splitting setup

The default CRA setup can be OK for small projects, it's not always enough for larger, more complex applications. Luckily, we can improve things, even without ejecting. Let's try to do this step by step. This is what we'll cover: Server-side rendering, Code splitting with react-loadable, Code splitting [continue]

Tutorial by Andrei Duca

All Things React

Discover everything from the basics to the cutting-edge of React - Render Props, Context API, Suspense, CSS-in-JS, Progressive Web Apps, UI Libraries and more. [continue]

Article by John Willoughby

Learn React By Making a Countdown Timer

This guide aims to help those familiar with DOM manipulation with jQuery to learn and transition to coding in React. We will be building a countdown timer in React and comparing it to a functionally similar version built with jQuery. [continue]

Tutorial by codethesite

Rock Solid React.js Foundations: A Beginner's Guide

When I started learning React, I was searching for something (a blog, a video, a course, whatever) that didn't only teach me how to write apps in React. I also wanted it to prepare me for interviews. Most of the material I found, concentrated on one or the other. So, this post is aimed towards the audience [continue]

Article by Rajat Saxena

React State From the Ground Up

As you begin to learn React, you will be faced with understanding what state is. State is hugely important in React, and perhaps a big reason you’ve looked into using React in the first place. Let's take a stab at understanding what state is and how it works. [continue]

Article by Kingsley Silas

Forking instead of Ejecting a Create React App

In this video we'll look at technique to help prevent you from ejecting your app that was bootstraped by 'create-react-app'. We will fork facebook's 'create-react-app' repo and modify its 'react-scripts' to make your own version that you can publish and reused. [continue]

Video Tutorial by Manorisms

Getting Started with Create React App

In this video I introduce the create-react-app CLI tool which allows you to quickly create and run a React applications with no configuration. Along the way, we'll look at each of the scripts that come with create-react-app and investigate various ways to keep your react-scripts up-to-date. [continue]

Video Tutorial by Manorisms

30 Days of React - An introduction to React

Interested in Learning React but having trouble getting started? We'll teach you how it all works - for free. Over the next 30 days, we'll walk through everything you need to know to work with React. From the very beginning through testing and deployment of our first app. [continue]

Course by Ari Lerner

Getting Started with React

In this tutorial, we kick off a new series where we learn how to build a React.js application. Through this, you will get your development machine set up and bootstrap a brand new React application. After the application has been created you'll learn how the starter application works and see what is [continue]

Video by CoderJourney

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